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Validators made possible. For everyone.

Proof of Stake validator nodes shouldn't be limited to the few who can afford the staking requirements.

That's why we've created a platform that allows users to crowdfund the required stake and receive rewards proportionate to their contribution.

In collaboration with:

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The savvy individuals who want to earn income with validator nodes but can't fulfill the hefty stake requirement alone.

Deposit their tokens into the application.


The App

Powered by


Smart Contracts organize, stake & secure users tokens into a validator node.


The validator node can now start validating transactions on the network.


The Network

The Node


The individuals now receive a reliable stream of network rewards just for staking their tokens with a validator node.  


The happy people using Valid!

Our Goal

Proof of Stake for everyone

X Digital Capital Solutions (XDCS) had humble beginnings with operating community validator nodes for friends & family. As the word got out, demand for this service took off.  Paired with an increasing demand for a simple & robust staking platform, we decided to start building. The Valid platform was born.

This platform is for those who understand the value of decentralizing validator nodes & for those who want consistent rewards. Gone are the days of staking a Layer 1 token and receiving rewards in a different token that you’ll have to swap & pay exchange fees or losing funds to slippage. Stake in layer 1 tokens , rewards in layer 1 tokens.

Simply and securely.

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